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Find Your Legislator

OAMF encourages constituents to have respectfully meaningful conversations with their legislators...

Find your current state representative and senator and get links to contact them.

What if my legislator won't respond, or doesn't care about medical freedom?

Use our Accountability Portal to report a legislator to OAMF for further attention.


Other Resource Groups

State and national organizations that promote medical freedom, related personal liberties, and informed consent; offer training; and provide other education and information...

State Medical Freedom Groups

Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom is just one organization in a national movement, there are medical freedom groups in nearly every state...


Montana Families for Health Freedom

Montanans for Vaccine Choice

Montanans for Medical Freedom Coalition


Vaccine Resistance and Education Nebraska


Nevada Parents Against Vaccines

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Vaccine Safety Coalition

New Jersey

New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice

New Mexico

New Mexico Informed Vaccine Choice

New York

Coalition for Informed Choice

New York Coalition for Vaccination Choice

North Carolina

North Carolina Parents for Vaccine Rights

North Caroline Vaccine Legislative Action

North Dakota

We are unaware of any at this time.


Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom

Ohio Vaccine Education Network

Ohio Vaccine Freedom


Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice PAC


Oregonians for Vaccine Truth and Healthcare Choice

Oregon Parents Against Mandatory Vaccinations


Pennsylvania Coalition for Informed Consent

Pennsylvania Medical Freedom Alliance

Road Island

RI Alliance for Vaccine Choice

South Carolina

South Carolina Health Coalition

South Dakota

South Dakota Parents for Vaccine Rights


Tennessee Coalition for Vaccine Choice


Texans for Vaccine Choice

Texas Medical Freedom Alliance


Vaccine Freedom Utah


Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice


Virginians for Medical Freedom


Vaccine Freedom for Washington State

Informed Choice Washington

West Virginia

We are unaware of any at this time.


Wisconsin for Vaccine Choice


Wyoming Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice