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Due to Governor DeWine's recent announcement that masks are mandatory for the entire State of Ohio, we have redirected you from our www.OhioMaskReporting.com website to our main OhioAMF website.

This government overreach is not going to end until Ohioans rise up and take a stand as one unified voice. As such, we're providing you with some suggestions as to how you can become involved.

Please find thorough information on this page detailing how you can get involved and help affect change in Ohio.

Your support is necessary if we'er going to overcome the current government overreach in Ohio.

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Also, check our Restore Ohio and Ohio Parents for Informed Consent groups on Facebook.

Donate to one of Ohio's other very important liberty action groups:

Ohio Stands Up - Pursuing Litigation against State's Emergency Declaration

Below are some political action groups challenging government overreach in Ohio:

Patriots for Ohio

Free Ohio Now

We the People Convention

Litigation Effort in Ohio​:

As you may know, Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom was working hard for the last couple weeks of June and first couple weeks of July to pursue litigation regarding the state's various mandates. We communicated with a number of attorneys, spoke with other liberty group leaders throughout the state, and collected information from many of you regarding experiences you may have faced concerning the state's orders.


We are committed to seeing the Constitutionality of the state's orders challenged in court. OAMF is excited to get behind the efforts that Ohio Stands Up is pursuing in this regard.

Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom has anonymized and shared the data we collected from those of you who submitted litigation surveys and if the Ohio Stands Up attorneys indicate an interest in your experience with discrimination or injury, we will reach out to you in an effort to facilitate them contacting you.

Thank you for your support and we'll post additional updates as they become available.

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