Work/College/University "Exemption" Legal Assistance

Employers and schools are sending out notices of mandatory Covid-19 vaccination as a prerequisite for continued employment or enrollment, and they're offering "exemptions".


DO NOT submit an "exemption request" without first contacting Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom.


You must understand, in Ohio, with the exception of k-12 school vaccine exemptions, an "exemption" is not law. There is no law for "exemptions" at a place of employment or college/university setting. These "exemptions" are company / school policy. Not law. Therefore, an employer / school can terminate / withdraw you without any reason and you may be left with no legal recourse.


"Exemptions" are often times conflated with "Accommodations". Federal law provides that an employer / school provide a "reasonable accommodation" to individuals with religious or medical needs. In the past, these laws have been interpreted to include vaccination. Requesting an accommodation from your employer should be done in a very specific manner.


If you would like additional information and/or legal advice from an attorney, please complete the intake form below...

Exemption Legal Assistance Intake Form

Please use the below form to submit a request for legal assistance for employment or college/university vaccine exemptions, Covid vaccination or other vaccinations. This information will remain confidential. We will not share this information outside our organization without your permission.

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